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RampFly Webinars: pick the brains of US Ski Team athletes on how THEY think about parts of the turn.  What drills worked for THEM. How THEY approached the mental side of the sport, equipment, training and more.

 RampFly Webinars are for coaches, athletes and ski fans to dive deep into the mind of the elite athletes who have stood in the start gate at Kitzbühel, World Championships and the Olympics.

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Kaylin Richardson- December 18th- 4:30pm PST

Kaylin Richardson is a ten-year U.S. Ski Team veteran, 2-time Olympian (Torino 06' and Vancouver 10'), and four-time National Alpine Champion. After retiring from the World Cup in 2010, Kaylin fell even deeper in love with the sport when she discovered backcountry skiing. As a reincarnated big-mountain skier, in addition to winning the Freeskiing World Tour’s North American Championship in 2012, Kaylin has been featured in seven Warren Miller films.

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Andrew Weibrecht- November 25th- 4:00pm PST

Andrew Weibrecht- Two Olympic Medals in SG, Two other WC Podiums. 16 years on the USST. Andrew has insightful tips on training process and the mental focus that brought him success.  Home town: Lake Placid, New York. 

Mirror Lake Inn, Stio Clothing, Head

Webinar recording available soon

Marco Sullivan- December 3rd- 4:00pm PST

Marco is a 4-time Olympian with 4 World Cup Podiums.  He's got the most DH starts for any American. Ever.  Now coaching American Downhiller Camps, has a great perspective on translating World Cup Skills into young racers.

American Downhiller, Blizzard, Cliff, POC

Webinar recording available soon!

Daron Rahlves- November 14th- 3pm (PST)

"I could listen to that all day", "That was awesome". "Thank you for putting this together! Great initiative"- Feedback on Daron's Call.

 12 World Cup Wins, World Champion, Kitzbühel winner, 4 Olympic Teams. RedBull Athlete.

Daron has exceptional insight into alpine, skier cross and free skiing big mountain.  Topics covered: Speed, GS, Terrain, Fundamentals, Line, Tactics, Mental strength.

Red Bull, Atomic, Giro, Wend Wax 

Webinar recording available soon!

Laurenne Ross- November 18th- 3pm (PST)

Two Olympics, Two World Cup Podiums. 5 World Championship Teams. Laurenne is a native of Bend, OR, and is a current USST A team member, musician, artist and bad ass climber. Topics: Process and Drills that worked for her, Pre-Race routines, and a needed female perspective.

Mt Bachelor, Stöckli, Reusch, Bose, Briko,

Webinar recording available soon

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Webinars will last ~60 minutes.  Platform: Zoom Webinar

There will be streaming audio/video of the presenters, plus videos, pictures and more. You can take part in Polls, suggest Topics during sign up and do Q&A.

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Scott Macartney, HOST

Scott is a 2 time Olympian with 2 World Cup Podiums in 12 years on the US Ski Team.  He is the Host of the Webinar Series.

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