Terms, Conditions, Privacy, Legal


All program content is expressly owned by RampFly.  Some videos are property of Trainerize, Custom videos property of RampFly.  You can not duplicate, copy or distribute content or content likeness from the App to any third party.  One account is to be used by one person. Sharing a single account with multiple users is not allowed- password sharing or otherwise accessing the data.  Purchasing an account and sharing the content with other individuals, teams or groups is not allowed.  This includes but is not limited to printing .pdf or other copied paper versions to share, taking screenshots or any and all means of copying and distributing the content outside of the platform.  Violations will result in immediate closure of your access with no refunds and potential legal action.  Contact RampFly if you have a team or group that wants to use the program together.  There may be special pricing options available for larger groups and teams.

Pricing Guarantee 

A client/member/ membership account is defined as the individual  ( a single person) using the app or website to access coaching or training program content. Separate emails for the same client are not considered different clients.  Discounted pricing offered for monthly programs labeled "forever" is good as long as you keep your subscription active.  RampFly will not increase the prices on active memberships.  If you cancel or pause your membership or fail to keep your payments active, your membership will be considered "inactive".  Inactive memberships can be re-started, but the discounted price is not guaranteed to carry over.  Special circumstances or billing issues not the fault of the user will be handled at the sole discretion of the RampFly staff.   Promotions for "New Members" refers to clients that have not previously had a subscription, flat rate access or bootcamp account.  Some promotions offer discounts for a fixed number of months. These promotions are typically labeled for "new customers only" and will be subject to the "new member" criteria above.  

Free Trial

The Free Trial period allows users to try out the program before they are billed for the subscription.  After the free trial period is over, the card on file will be billed.  Those that wish to cancel must contact customer service info@rampfly.com or call 425-298-6227 before the trial is over. Emails and any phone messages should contain the subscribers name and the wish to cancel your subscription.

Cancellation Policy

For Monthly Subscription Clients

This policy is for a standard subscription plan AFTER the free trial has ended, (if offered).  You can cancel at any time before your renewal date to stop your subscription for the following month.  This is best done by email or calling: see About Us.  You will have full access to any remaining days on your plan.  Monthly plans are NOT pro-rated after the trial period.   Special circumstances will be handled at the sole discretion of the RampFly staff.

Flat Rate Plans: Bootcamps, 6 month, Year

This policy is for a purchase of any Fixed Time Period account (BootCamp, 6-month, etc), after the free trial, (if offered).  Any fixed time period (6 month, Bootcamp, etc.) plans are typically NOT pro-rated or partially refunded after the trial period. Any cancellations must happen before the trial period ends. Special circumstances will be handled at the sole discretion of the RampFly staff. 

​Privacy Policy: Email and Data Use

This one is pretty simple.  We don't share your data with anyone outside the platform.  We don't share email addresses.  You may receive additional content and some promotional emails about RampFly offerings.  You can opt out of these emails.  You can control email settings (workout reminders coming from the App) directly on the app options.  We don't sell your data to anyone.  Any information entered into the App (tracking, personal data, pictures, etc) remains the property of the user and is only used to provided service to the user.  Some data- like a completion of a workout, a personal best data and other user-supplied data is used by the App (Trainerize) to motivate you and your group.  Example: Within your training group, you will get notice if a friend completes a workout or sets a new personal best.  Your friends would be notified of your workout completions and personal bests.  If you do not want this shared you can opt out of the "group setting".  This opt out can be requested through the App messaging system, via email or phone call.