RampFly Fitness Programs                               

How does it Work?

Fitness Programs are delivered through our custom RampFly mobile app (iOS and Android).  You get a customized program with a sport specific focus created by Elite Athletes.  Have fun with the challenges and community of RampFly athletes!

Get Access to Fitness Programs


All programs are customized to you:

Equipment you have, your Level and Goals

259 different workouts, more added as needed

Sport Specific

Built for the demands of skiing: Balance, 

Core, Eccentric Leg Strength, Flexibility

Cost Effective

Get a month of content for less than 

one session with a personal trainer.

Injury Prevention Focus

Exercises to strengthen specific muscles to reduce the chance of injury. Go as hard on the last run as on your first 

Accountability & Community

Built in Tracking to see improvement over time

Community of Athletes doing the same challenges

Easy and Fun!

No stress- get WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

Guided workouts

Compete in Challenges, earn Points

Compare RampFly

Your Local Trainer    

Cost:    $280+/ month (1-week)

            $500-600+/ month (2-week)

Sport Specific: Maybe- Depends on trainer

Customized:        Yes

Accountability:     Yes, on that day

Community:        Not Really

Complete Program, Tracking:    Not usually

Injury Protection Focus:            Yes

Cost:                 $ 65 month or less

Sport Specific:     Yes

Customized:        Yes

Accountability:     Yes- Everything- Strength,     Cardio, Flexibility, Challenges, Points

Community:         Yes

Complete Program, Tracking:    Yes

Injury Protection Focus:             Yes

CrossFit, Orange Theory, Peloton

Cost:    ~ $190/ month       Crossfit

             ~ $170-195           Orange Theory

             ~ $2,245 +39/month      Peloton

Sport Specific:         No

Customized:            No

Accountability:         Yes

Community:             Yes

Complete Program, Tracking:   No

Injury Protection Focus:            No- (google "CrossFit injuries")

What are the Options?

*BootCamps Start on Mondays.  If you sign up on a Wednesday for example, you'll get bonus content until your customized program starts the following Monday *

Difference between the regular program and a BootCamp?

Regular programs (monthly, 6-month, etc) Have full progression through phases and cycles: Hypertrophy, Strength and Power/ Explosive. Goal is to get you in peak physical condition. PERIOD.  Eccentric strength, super slow reps, varying reps and weights are also built into the phases. More time, more in-depth fine tuning for ultimate results.

BootCamps are time condensed and the goal is to get you in shape as quickly as possible. Progressions are shorter and the theme is maximum results in the shortest time.  BootCamps also have additional "external" goals- elimination of certain bad lifestyle choices and improving hydration, sleep, eating habits, etc.  

What is the same- both share everything great about the RampFly App- calendars, tracking and video examples.  You'll still get a customized program to your equipment and difficulty level. Strength, Cardio, Guided workouts with built in timers, Tabata, HIIT, Flexibility.   Same sport specific focus with Leaderboards and Points.

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