Why RampFly?

Founder Scott Macartney doing market research

When I first made the US Ski Team in 1998 we had conditioning pulled from a football program. We just lifted as much weight as possible and did some cardio.  We even did "single rep max" squat testing. That started changing in 1999/2000 when a sport science team came in from Australia- Andy Walshe, now at RedBull (http://andywalshe.com/) and Per Lundstrom now Director of Athlete Performance at RedBull and others completely re-worked how we trained for our sport. We did heart rate recording while racing DH, took blood draws a dozen times a day to test lactic acid production and recovery rates for YEARS while they analyzed the data and adjusted our workout protocol. Physical Testing changed to reflect the actual demands of skiing. By 2005 and 2006 the US was 2nd in the Nations Cup (from 9th in 2000). I know the fitness program had a lot to do with it.

In 2007 I started working with John Rumpeltes at Olympic Physical Therapy on my personal fitness and was exposed to Athletic Engineering with Ben Kossick and Tucker Hopp and my philosophy shifted again.  Much more refined, specific work on alignment, muscle activation and mechanics. I took a deep dive into specific core firing and alignment that refined performance. 

In 2013, I started working for Olympic PT/ Athletic Engineering with John and Tucker Hopp with the goal of building a business in this space.   That rough idea eventually became RampFly.  My goal is to take all of my experience working with incredible people and make it accessible to anyone.

I am especially excited about our new Webinar series.  I started coaching summer camps when I was still on the USST.  I want to share my insights along with those athletes and coaches at the top of their game.

Bio- Alpine Skiing- 2 Olympic Teams, 2 World Cup Podiums, 12 years on the US Ski Team.

Scott Macartney

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